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               Business Insurance

              Federal Government Contractors

              • You help protect the nation. Are you protecting yourself?
              Federal Government Contractors
              Video: Insurance for Federal Government Contractors–at Home and Abroad

              Industry Highlights

              Doing business with the U.S. government presents unique risks – and the protections you’re afforded may not be as broad as you think.

              For more than a decade, Chubb has insured federal government contractors across the country. With a strong track record of insuring technology-intensive, innovative businesses, we have the proven resources to meet your specialized needs.

              Learn more:

              Manage Risks

              How will you respond if:

              • A prime contractor files a lawsuit against your firm, claiming breach of contract?
              • An employee is injured on the job at a U.S.-owned military base in Europe?
              • Your product injures someone and your firm is sued?
              • A fire in your R&D lab causes a nine-month delay in introducing a new product?

              Coverage Solutions